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Hearing Transcripts

Transcripts of the public hearings are uploaded onto this website as soon as practicable.

Please note that the Royal Commission reserves the right not to publish or to redact (black out) parts of the transcripts for legal, privacy and/or safety reasons or if the Royal Commission otherwise considers it appropriate to do so.

  Download-48.pngMonday 13 July 
  Download-48.pngTuesday 14 July 
  Download-48.pngWednesday 15 July
  Download-48.pngThursday 16 July
  Download-48.pngFriday 17 July
  Download-48.pngMonday 20 July
  Download-48.pngTuesday 21 July
  Download-48.pngWednesday 22 July
  Download-48.pngThursday 23 July
  Download-48.pngFriday 24 July
  Download-48.pngMonday 3 August
  Download-48.pngTuesday 4 August
  Download-48.pngWednesday 5 August
  Download-48.pngThursday 6 August
  Download-48.pngFriday 7 August
  Download-48.pngMonday 10 August
  Download-48.pngTuesday 11 August
  Download-48.pngWednesday 12 August
  Download-48.pngThursday 13 August
  Download-48.pngFriday 14 August
  Download-48.pngMonday 12 October
  Download-48.pngTuesday 13 October
  Download-48.pngWednesday 14 October
  Download-48.pngThursday 15 October
  Download-48.pngFriday 16 October