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The Royal Commission into Family Violence will hold public hearings between Monday, 13 July 2015 and Friday, 14 August 2015. 

Unless otherwise directed, hearings will be open to the public.  Anyone is welcome to attend to watch and listen to the hearings taking place at level 11, 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.

The hearings will be streamed live through this website. The live stream may include footage of members of the audience. Please carefully consider your personal circumstances and safety before deciding to attend the hearings.

Please see the hearings schedule below for more information including links to transcripts, witness statements and other related hearings documents.

Transcripts of the public hearings will be made available as soon as practicable.

A Practice Direction outlining the procedural aspects of the public hearings is available from our resources page.

Hearings schedule

Monday 13 July  (transcript)
What is family violence and who experiences it including causes and contributing factors

 Witnesses  Related submissions  
 Rhonda Cumberland, CEO, Good Shepherd                                                                                                                                                                  Good Shephard Australia New Zealand
 Wendy Steendam, Assistant Commissioner,  Victoria Police Victoria Police
 Lay Witness NA

Tuesday 14 July
Children - Introduction and early intervention

 Witnesses  Related submissions 
  Dr Robyn Miller, social worker and  family therapist  
 Prof. Louise Newman AM, Director, Centre for    Women’s Mental Health, Royal Women’s  Hospital
 Andrew Jackomos, Commissioner for Aboriginal  Children and Young People  
 Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Brown, Perinatal &  Maternal Epidemiologist, Murdoch Children’s  Research Institute  
 Ailsa Carr, Executive Manager, Family, Youth and  Children’s Services, Gippsland Lakes Community  Health  
 Anita Morris, PhD Candidate, University of  Melbourne  

Wednesday 15 July
Children - Intervention and Response

 Witnesses  Related submissions 
  Prof. Mark Feinberg, Research Professor of the  Prevention Research Centre, Pennsylvania State  University  
 Wendy Bunston, senior social worker, family  therapist, Infant Mental Health Clinician and PhD  candidate, La Trobe University
 Dr Richard Fletcher, senior lecturer, University of  Newcastle  
 Julianne Brennan, Director, Community Crime  Prevention, Dept of Justice & Regulation  
 Prof. Cathy Humphreys, Prof. of Social Work,  University of Melbourne  
 Beth Allen, Asst. Director, Child Protection Unit,  Statutory & Forensic Services Design Branch, Dept  Health & Human Services  
 Dr Robyn Miller, social worker and family therapist  

Thursday 16 July: Financial abuse and empowerment

Friday 17 July:  Alcohol and drugs

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