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Commission hearings end

Tracey Matters

The Royal Commission into Family Violence today finished its fifth and final week of public hearings – this week looking into what the overall family violence system should look like, how it should be funded, and how it should be governed.

The Commission was established on 22 February 2015 and the first day of hearings was held on 13 July 2015.  Since then, its Commissioners have spent a total of 25 days hearing evidence from 219 witnesses, including eight lay witnesses.

The Commission’s inquiry has been further enhanced by detailed information provided through discussions with individuals affected by family violence, submissions and consultation sessions, and extensive data and literature it has gathered throughout its processes. 

Commissioner Neave paid tribute to those who have given evidence. ‘People have shared very personal accounts of the impact of family violence on their personal and professional lives.  These contributions have equipped the Commission with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise on which to found its deliberations and recommendations.’

‘We are grateful for the care and thought which witnesses brought to the difficult task of re-imagining a family violence system which could prevent the awful blight of family violence, keep victims safe, and help those who use family violence to change their behavior’. 

Commissioner Neave thanked everyone involved with the Commission over the past seven months.

‘The Commissioners would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated in our processes, whether by appearing as a witness, attending a consultation session or roundtable discussion, making a submission, or providing us with relevant information and data. We would also like to acknowledge the high level of public interest and engagement in our work.’

The Royal Commission into Family Violence will now reflect upon and analyse the information it has gathered to prepare its report for delivery to the Governor of Victoria by Monday, 29 February 2016.

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